An Experiment is the basic unit of organization in StormForge Optimize. The purpose of an experiment is to try different configurations of an application’s resource parameters and measure their impact.


A Parameter is the input to an experiment. A parameter has a minimum value, a maximum value, and a name. Integer and string parameters are supported. Taken together, an experiment’s parameters define the search space: the total domain of all possible configurations. For in-depth explanation, see the parameters page.


A Trial is a single run of an experiment, with values assigned to every parameter. An experiment typically consists of many trials.


A Metric is the output or outcome of a trial. They are used to measure the result of a particular choice of parameters. A metric is a numeric value that an experiment attempts to minimize (like cost in dollars) or maximize (like throughput) by adjusting the values of parameters. For in-depth explanation, see the metrics page.

Putting it all together

  • Create an experiment to deploy and test an application
  • Make applications manifests configurable via parameters
  • Run trials with specific values assigned to each parameter
  • Assess the outcome of each trial by measuring one or more metrics

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