Understand concepts and terminology used within Optimize Live


Optimize Live observes the resource utilization of applications in order to produce recommendations for them. An application is a named grouping of workload resources (e.g. deployments, statefulsets) from one or more namespaces in a cluster.


An Optimize Live recommendation is the set of resource requests and limits that the machine learning algorithm has determined to be optimal for the application, based on historical utilization observations.


To produce recommendations for applications, the Optimize Live controller needs to be installed on the Kubernetes cluster the applications are deployed to. When the Optimize Live controller is installed, it will register itself, and the cluster it is installed on, with the StormForge Optimize platform.

Optimize Live Controller

Optimize Live requires a controller to be installed on each cluster it operates in. The controller will be installed in the stormforge-system namespace.

Last modified September 6, 2022