Agent configuration

Review the additional Agent configuration parameters and their descriptions

The purpose of this topic is to list and describe the additional parameters available for configuring the StormForge Agent. For parameters that apply to the StormForge Applier, see the Applier configuration topic.

Agent parameters:

Third-party secret management

Indicates whether the StormForge Agent creates and manages its authorization secret.

Parameter Default value
manageAuthSecret true

Set to false to manage the Agent authorization secret with a third-party credential manager. For details and the Agent secret format, see this guide.

Valid values
  • true (default)
  • false

Installing on Red Hat OpenShift

Required only when installing the Agent on Red Hat OpenShift.

Parameter Default value
openshift false

Set to true when installing the StormForge Agent on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform version 4.x and later. For detailed steps, see this guide.

Valid values

Any positive Kubernetes quantity, appropriate to the resoruce. Examples:

  • true
  • false

Namespace allowList and denyList

Comma-separated list of namespaces that constrains metrics collection to workloads in specific namespaces.

Annotation Default value
workload.allowNamespaces None
workload.denyNamespaces None

If both lists are provided, workload.denyNamespaces is ignored.

  • To allow metrics collection to specific workloads, use workload.allowNamespaces.
  • To deny metrics collection on specific workloads, use workload.denyNamespaces.

The kube-system namespace is always excluded from the workload discovery unless set in workload.allowNamespaces.

Valid values

Any string or regex expression ([]*regexp.Regexp) is permitted.

  • {.*-system}
  • {monitoring,frontend,.ecommerce-*}

Last modified May 13, 2024