View references pages for Performance Testing concepts

JavaScript Definition

Overview of the JavaScript Definition of Test Cases


A target specifies the endpoint you want to test.

Arrival Phases

Learn how to specify the number of clients StormForge Performance Testing should launch


Learn what session is and how to configure it

Data Sources

Learn how to extend your otherwise static tests using various data sources and generators.


Learn how to specify a request in your test case.

Content Extraction

Learn how to parse and extract content of the response data via JSONPath, XPath or regular expressions for subsequent requests.

Checks & Assertions

How to use checks and assertions in test cases.

Multipart Requests

Learn how to build multipart requests


Learn about StormForge Performance Testing integrations

Load Testing Engine

A short overview over the engines.

Non-functional Requirements

Define formal non-functional requirements and check your test runs.

Test Options

Showcases some options for tuning the test options.

Test Run Details

For each test run we provide a detail page with serveral metrics

Test Run Latency Distribution

The Latency Distribution view allows for details drilldowns into each test runs latencies.

Last modified August 3, 2022