How-to guides for Performance Testing

Debugging Test Cases

We try to make it as hard as possible to fail by providing detailed error messages during creating and editing a test case.

Advanced CLI Usage

Learn some advanced patterns when using the stormforge CLI.

Create a Mobile App Test Case using Traffic Recording

Use Charles on iOS to create a test case for a mobile app

CSRF Tokens

Learn how to use CSRF tokens in your test case

HAR Converter

Upload a HAR file to convert it to a test case.

OAuth Testing

Load testing a service that utilizes OAuth for authentication and authorization can be challenging. There are many different flavors of OAuth. We discuss a few.

Report Sharing

How to share your reports with colleagues.

Secret Management

How to manage secrets in test cases and test runs.

Test Data Management

How to manage your test data automatically.

Test Scheduling (Standalone)

How to schedule automated test executions.

Testing with GitHub Actions

How to use StormForge Performance Testing in GitHub Actions workflows for CI/CD

Testing with GitLab CI

How to use StormForge Performance Testing in your GitLab CI/CD workflow

Last modified August 3, 2022