Rightsize workloads scaled by a KEDA-owned HPA

You must grant additional RBAC permissions to the Applier


For Optimize Live to automatically rightsize workloads that are with an HPA managed by KEDA, you must first grant additional RBAC permissions to the StormForge Applier as described below.

  1. Copy the following YAML and save it to a file (for example, applier-rbac.yaml).

      additional: |-
        # In this section, add any resources that you want the applier to patch
        - apiGroups:
          - keda.sh
          - scaledobjects
          - get
          - list
          - watch
          - patch
          - update    
  2. Apply the file to the StormForge Applier.

    helm install stormforge-applier \
    oci://registry.stormforge.io/library/stormforge-applier \
    -n stormforge-system \
    --values applier-rbac.yaml 

Optimize Live can now patch any workload that is managed by a KEDA-owned HPA.

Last modified May 10, 2024