Run helm commands to upgrade

Upgrade both the Agent and the Applier at the same time to ensure compatibility between them.

  1. (Optional) Review the current Helm values:

    helm get values stormforge-agent -n stormforge-system 

    Note: To change (add, remove, or edit) the existing Helm values, save this output to a .yaml file and modify it as needed. When you upgrade, pass the adjusted values file to Helm using the -f flag.

  2. To upgrade the Agent and reuse all the current Helm values, run:

    helm upgrade stormforge-agent oci://registry.stormforge.io/library/stormforge-agent \
      -n stormforge-system \
  3. Upgrade the Applier:

    helm upgrade stormforge-applier oci://registry.stormforge.io/library/stormforge-applier \
      -n stormforge-system \
Last modified May 8, 2024