Workload recommendation statuses

Icons in list views indicate readiness, errors, and warnings

You can view workload status:

  • In workload lists on the Overview and Workloads pages
  • On the Workloads Summary page, by clicking View Summary and drilling down by status, error, or warning
Icon Status Description
Learning Preliminary recommendations are available based on data collected so far; complete recommendations will be available after 7 days of metrics are collected. No action required.
Ready A recommendation is available to apply to this workload and will be applied if auto-deployment is enabled; otherwise, you can it apply manually.
Informational Provides additional details about a recommendation, for example, the recommendation was constrained by bounds, HPA is at min or max replicas. See the banner on the workload page for details. No action required.
Unsupported Recommendations are not provided in these scenarios: when an HPA oscillates between min and max replicas, scales on >1 resource or containerResource metric, or has a target.averageUtilization >=100. Typically, no action is required. For details see the Unsupported workloads section of the Troubleshooting topic.
Error Error types include recommendation failure, scaled to zero, missing data, expired recommendations, and applier failure. For details and troubleshooting steps, see the Errors section of the Troubleshooting topic.
Last modified June 11, 2024