Performance Testing Environments

Get a quick overview of the two offered environments: the platform and standalone environment

StormForge Performance Testing currently offers two environments, or applications. The first is part of the StormForge platform and should be the starting point for all new users. The second is our standalone performance test environment, which is primarily intended for existing users.

Platform Performance Testing Environment

StormForge’s US-based Performance Testing environment is hosted at This environment is the best place to start if you have never used Performance Testing before. It provides a unified experience with other StormForge products and enables a user to sign in with a single StormForge account that can also be used with Optimize Live. Additionally, this environment fully supports the unified StormForge CLI tool. This CLI tool supports interaction with Optimize Live and Performance Testing from a single tool.

Standalone Performance Testing Environment

The Standalone Performance Testing environment is hosted at in Germany. This environment is intended for existing users. If you are a new user, please start on the Platform section. Accounts for the standalone performance testing environment are separate from other StormForge products, so users will have to maintain a separate accounts for the platform and standalone products. The environment supports the forge CLI, but does not support the unified StormForge CLI.


StormForge Platform Standalone
Best for: New users, Optimize users Existing Performance Testing customers
Account: Single sign on for Optimize Live/Performance Testing Separate account that only works with standalone Performance Testing
User management: Unified with other StormForge products Unique organization and user management
Data Storage Region: USA Germany
Test Cluster Regions: All available AWS regions All available AWS regions
CLI: Unified stormforge CLI (works with all StormForge products) forge CLI (supports standalone Performance Testing only)
Supported TLS Versions*: TLS 1.2 - TLS 1.3 TLS 1.0 - TLS 1.3
Other features: Scheduled test runs

*Note: If you have specific requirements regarding TLS versions, please contact us.

Last modified February 12, 2024