StormForge CLI releases

StormForge CLI release history

This document contains release notes for the StormForge CLI displayed from the most recent release.

2.1.1 Release

  • stormforge export allows to export Optimize Live recommendations as patches

2.1.0 Release

  • The run command now creates applications and scenarios before running or saving an experiment
  • The fix command now trims trailing spaces in patch content

2.0.13 Release

  • The run command allows to enter your application/scenario names
  • The config set command will accept context names in place of controller names
  • Added cost objective in generated experiments in the UI

2.0.11 Release

  • Authorization configuration has been updated to match the web interface
  • Fixes Experiment generation names

2.0.10 Release

  • Built with Go 1.18
  • Stopped caching generated client credentials in the local configuration
  • Better application synchronization based on the experiment labels

Before version 2.0.10

The release notes are available here.

Last modified June 17, 2022