Environment variables

Set or update the following name-value pairs to set specific values or enable features

Helm chart values

You can update the following values directly in the optimize-live Helm chart.


Whether to run in debug mode. Useful for troubleshooting, for example, when set in a problematic Live object. Boolean, default value false.

Environment variables and flags

Unless otherwise noted below, you can set and update the following environment variables and flags in the following ways:

  • In the extraEnvVars section of a Helm chart such as values.yaml

  • In the component.env section of a Live object. Useful for monitoring the behavior a specific Live object rather than Controller-level activity.

  • On the command line, as in this example:

    --set 'extraEnvVars[0].name="ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE"' --set 'extraEnvVars[0].value="VALUE"


When true, Optimize Live no longer monitors the objects it creates (recommender, TSDB, and applier). Useful as a workaround to prevent getting stuck in an infinite loop of reconciling objects. Boolean.


When true, the controller (rather than the applier) applies patches. The applier will no longer be deployed, which reduces the resources required. Useful in environments that have many applications (for example, upwards of a couple hundred) where recommendations are applied conservatively (for example, every few days). Boolean.


When true and FF_PATCHER is enabled, the Controller persists the patch to apply by writing it to a ConfigMap. Useful for troubleshooting cluster resource use. Boolean.


Whether to skip the Grafana deployment. Controller-level only; cannot be set in a Live object. Boolean.


The amount of historical data to backfill. Valid time units: “ns”, “us” (or “µs”), “ms”, “s”, “m”, “h”, “d”, “w”


How frequently the TSDB fetches upstream metrics. Valid time units: “ns”, “us” (or “µs”), “ms”, “s”, “m”, “h”, “d”, “w”


Whether to create a Persistent Volume (PV) and Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) for the TSDB storage. Boolean.


The space allocated for the TSDB. When using a PVC, dictates the size of the PV; when running without a PV, dictates the size limit of the emptydir. Overrides the default value PVC_SIZE=10G in the optimize-live Helm chart.


The storage class to use for the TSDB volume in PVC provisioning. Overrides the default storageClass in the Helm chart. Example: TSDB_STORAGE_CLASS_NAME="gp2"

Last modified July 14, 2023