Upgrade and uninstall

Run helm commands to upgrade or uninstall

Upgrade the Agent and Applier

Upgrade both the Agent and the Applier at the same time to ensure compatibility between them.

  1. (Optional) Review the current Helm values:

    helm get values stormforge-agent -n stormforge-system 

    Note: To change (add, remove, or edit) the existing Helm values, save this output to a .yaml file and modify it as needed. When you upgrade, pass the adjusted values file to Helm using the -f flag.

  2. To upgrade the Agent and reuse all the current Helm values, run:

    helm upgrade stormforge-agent oci://registry.stormforge.io/library/stormforge-agent \
      -n stormforge-system \
  3. Upgrade the Applier:

    helm upgrade stormforge-applier oci://registry.stormforge.io/library/stormforge-applier \
      -n stormforge-system \

Uninstall the Agent and Applier

Uninstall the Agent and Applier when you want to stop optimizing workloads on a cluster or before you delete a cluster from Optimize Live.

  1. Uninstall the Applier:

    helm uninstall stormforge-applier -n stormforge-system
  2. Uninstall the Agent:

    helm uninstall stormforge-agent -n stormforge-system
Last modified February 15, 2024