Optimize Pro Architecture

Optimize Pro has been deprecated.
But you can check out Optimize Live:

StormForge Optimize Pro is composed of three parts:

  1. The StormForge Optimize Pro controller, which runs on your cluster
  2. Two Kubernetes custom resource types: Experiments and Trials
  3. The StormForge cloud API, which uses machine learning to guide the experiment process

Additionally, a stormforge CLI tool is available for installing and interacting with both the controller and the cloud API.

The StormForge Optimize Pro controller is a Kubernetes operator written in Go. The controller Pod runs in a dedicated namespace stormforge-system and uses the Experiment and Trial resources. You create Experiments using kubectl, and the controller then creates a series of Trials as it empirically searches for and finds optimal configuration values for the Experiment.

The StormForge machine learning algorithms generate the specific parameter values for each new trial as Optimize Pro searches the experimental problem space.

Cloud API
Trial 1
Trial n – 1
the controller may patch
other Kubernetes resources
as as part of running a trial
the controller may patch...
Trial n (in progress)
Trial n (in progre...
trial jobembeddedprometheus(optional)
Kubernetes cluster
Kubernetes cluster
Optimize Pro controllerExperiment
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Last modified February 12, 2024