Export Patches

Export Optimized Configuration

Optimize Pro has been deprecated.
But you can check out Optimize Live:

At the end of a StormForge Experiment, you can apply the recommended patch or export it. This command is based on the trial number, and you can select the trial that you find most appropriate for your situation. For example, in a Postgres experiment, if the recommended trial is Trial #11, you can apply the patch by running stormforge patch postgres-experiment --trial 11. You can also print a patched resource definition or export the patch to use with kubectl patch.

Apply a patch to Kubernetes object

To apply the patches to the Postgres deployment directly, run:

$ stormforge patch postgres-experiment --trial 11
deployment.apps/postgres-experiment patched

Apply a patch to a manifest

To apply the exported patches to the manifest of the Postgres application, run:

stormforge patch postgres-experiment --trial 011 -f postgres.yaml

This will print the updated manifest.

Exporting a Patch as YAML

Besides directly patching the resources you can also export the patch as one or more YAML files, so it works with kubectl patch --path-file. Add --directory <path> to export the patches into the filesystem:

stormforge patch postgres-experiment --trial 11 --directory ./postgres-patches/
Last modified February 12, 2024