Export Patches

Export Optimized Configuration

At the end of a StormForge Experiment, we provide a command to export a patch for the recommended configuration. This command is based on the trial number, you have the ability to change it to a trial that you find more appropriate for your situation. Using the example of a postgres experiment, if the recommended trial is Trial #11 you can export a patch using stormforge export -pf experiment.yaml postgres-experiment-011 where experiment.yaml is the experiment file you used to create the experiment. This patch can be used to change your application manifest or directly edit the deployed application.

Apply a patch to a manifest

The exported patches can be applied to the manifest of the postgres application using

stormforge export postgres-experiment-011 -f experiment.yaml -f postgres.yaml --patched-target

Apply a patch to kubernetes object

The exported patches can be applied to the postgres deployment using

kubectl patch -n default deployment postgres --patch=$(stormforge export -pf experiment.yaml postgres-experiment-011)

Last modified October 4, 2022