Learn how to upgrade StormForge Optimize Pro

Optimize Pro has been deprecated.
But you can check out Optimize Live:

Upgrading the StormForge Optimize Pro Controller

To upgrade the StormForge Optimize Pro Controller run helm upgrade with the flags used during installation.

helm upgrade optimize-pro oci://registry.stormforge.io/library/optimize-pro \
  --namespace stormforge-system \
  --create-namespace \
  --atomic \
  --values credential-values.yaml

To confirm the current version number of the Optimize Pro Controller, run stormforge check optimize-pro.

In some cases, incompatibilities between Optimize Pro versions might require you to uninstall Optimize Pro before installing a new version. Consult the release notes for the version you are installing.

Validating experiments after upgrading versions

After upgrading Optimize Pro to a major version (for example, from version 2 to version 3), be sure to validate your experiments, fix any errors, and then validate the experiments again before applying them to a cluster.

First, validate the experiment:

stormforge check experiment EXPERIMENT.yaml

The output will show warnings and what errors must be fixed, for example, missing fields.

If errors are detected, you can usually use the stormforge fix command to generate a version of the experiment with appropriate fixes applied automatically:

stormforge fix EXPERIMENT.yaml

The fix command sends a fixed version of the experiment file to stdout for you to save or review. If you prefer to modify the file in place, you can add the --in-place flag:

stormforge fix --in-place EXPERIMENT.yaml

Finally, run stormforge check experiment EXPERIMENT.yaml (making sure that the .yaml file contains the appropriate fixes) again to make sure all errors have been fixed.

For details about the version 3.0 release, see the Optimize Pro Controller release notes.

Last modified February 12, 2024